Single Page Applications

Have a need for an application that provides a fluid user experience, like a desktop application, but that needs to live on the web? A single-page application, or SPA, is your solution. SPAs load all required code in the browser at once, then dynamically update without ever reloading or leaving the page.

SPAs provide a rich, robust, and fast experience for business and enterprise level applications, and integrate perfectly the technologies you already use, including .NET, SQL databases, and Azure cloud services. SPAs deliver the most cutting-edge web performance by being built on top of the latest web technologies, such as AJAX, WebSockets, and JSON. Mercury utilizes two popular JavaScript frameworks that power our SPAs:


Knockout is an open source JavaScript framework that is small and fast. Being lightweight, Knockout is perfect for dynamic shopping carts, computing business calculations on the fly, and data entry applications. Knockout also has excellent desktop and mobile browser support so that your single-page application can be accessed anywhere and anytime.



AngularJS, developed and maintained by Google, is the most well-known open source SPA framework. It is a mature library for the most complex and demanding web applications, where custom routing/URLs, analytics, browser history, and application testing are important.


When Should A Single Page Application Be Considered?

  • You need the fastest performance possible
  • You need to provide real-time experience for your users
  • You need sometimes offline support
  • You need a flexible interface that works across mobile devices


Mercury built a custom data management system for real estate, insurance, management and capital professionals to track and automate business operations and reporting.

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