• Aug 11 2017

    PowerShell to Manage VMs and Warmup in a Load-balanced Environment

    BY: Britton Karon
    Learn how to use PowerShell to manage virtual machines and warm-up the VM in a load-balanced environment.
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  • Jul 28 2017

    Maintain the Ongoing Quality of Key Applications

    BY: Donald Bickel
    Learn about the tactics and goals we will apply in 2017 to keep the ongoing quality of our key applications high in the latest post in this multi post series.
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  • Jul 14 2017

    Continuing Education Outlets for an Application Developer in Training

    BY: Matt Condor
    After moving from my role in support and testing to the development team for Mercury New Media in 2017 I quickly found out that my peer group had become a group of code sorcerers whose wizardry both excited and bewildered me. Eager to get prepared for this new position and to earn my place on the team I set out to educate myself on how to become a code wizard like my cohorts.
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  • Jun 30 2017

    Getting Started with Power BI

    BY: Jason Vogel
    Power BI is an exciting part of the Office 365 Suite that provides users with a powerful tool for performing data analytics and creating visualizations. If you are beginning to learn Power BI, this blog will provide answers to common getting started questions.
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  • Jun 16 2017

    Technical Vision and Objectives for 2017: Part III

    BY: Donald Bickel
    As 2017 approached my team got together to establish our technical vision for the upcoming year. We decided that this is the year for us to mature how we build applications, ratchet up our focus on quality and become more masterful with our new skills. In part III of this blog series I will share our vision and objectives for improving initial product quality in the coming year and welcome your thoughts on where your firm is focused in 2017.
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