• Nov 17 2016

    Validated Learning using Google Analytics

    BY: Ryan Connolly
    The rising demand for getting a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) to the market as quickly as possible has highlighted the criticality of Validated Learning within the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC.) Throughout the remainder of this blog post, we’re going to apply 2 of the 5 principles in Eric Ries' book “The Lean Startup": (1) Validated Learning and (2) Build-Measure-Learn. Let’s consider our first scenario.
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  • Jun 02 2014

    Google Analytics – Fundamental Audience Metrics That Can Help You To Build A Better Website

    BY: Roan Crabb
    Many website owners have heard about Google’s Analytics, and many are using it right now. But few know the full features and benefits that this tool holds. For those who are unfamiliar with Google Analytics, it is an entirely free tool that allows a website owner to monitor the traffic that their website receives and provides detailed metrics based on those visits. For the un-initiated, this might seem like a fairly mundane tool.
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