• Apr 07 2016

    Customizing the Sitefinity Content Admin Part II: Deep Dive

    BY: AJ Kiefner
    In this post I’ll be going over the various advanced custom code and configurations you can apply to the Sitefinity content editor along with tips and tricks to wrangle the admin the way you need it so it can perform at the optimal level for your client.
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  • Aug 20 2015

    Customizing the Sitefinity Content Admin: Part I

    BY: AJ Kiefner
    One of the biggest challenges with Sitefinity is molding and altering an existing content type to fit the client’s needs. This blog series will briefly explain the nature of the admin screen, how it works under the hood and how you can customize it to your specific needs.
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  • Nov 20 2014

    Managing ASP.Net Authentication From a Console Application

    BY: Jamie Kiefner
    Many developers are familiar with the ASP.Net Web Configuration Manager in Visual Studio to maintain or create users in their SQL databases. The application allows the creation of users, as well as role creation and assignment. However, to my surprise, this functionality is no longer available in Visual Studio 2013.
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  • Oct 09 2014

    Why Are Unit & Integration Tests Important?

    BY: Sarah Powell
    This is a question that brings out very strong beliefs on either side. On one side of the room are those who stand firmly opposed to writing tests to cover coded solutions. They claim things like "It costs more money to 'waste' time on writing tests....
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  • Jul 31 2014

    Using Async in C# for easy asynchronous programming

    BY: Adam Weeden
    As a programmer there have been many times when I have found a bottle neck in an app I’ve written that comes down to waiting on some kind of input. Usually you end up needing the result of this input for the next step in your code and thus the wait is necessary.
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