• Nov 05 2015

    How to Use PowerShell to Complete an Ongoing Task

    BY: William Volpe
    Recently, at Mercury New Media we had a client request that we upload IIS log files to their server on a nightly basis. The request was to rename IIS logs to follow the requested naming convention and to upload the log files in a zip folder each night. We tossed a few ideas around like console apps, custom services and ultimately settled on a PowerShell script executed by our VM’s task scheduler to fulfill our client’s need. A simple yet effective solution that would be portable and flexible.
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  • Apr 21 2014

    5 Microsoft SQL Server Scripts You Wished You Knew A Long Time Ago

    BY: Daniel Sorrentino
    Over the last few years there have been scenarios that as a developer I've come across many times and today I thought I'd share some SQL specific scripts that I find myself needing every once in a while and I always have to go hunting for them. This post will consolidate some of the more commonly useful ones that I think will be valuable to other developers as well.
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