• Oct 06 2016

    The Importance of Style Guides: Designing Systems, Not Pages

    BY: Ryan Teneyck
    The process of building a website is technically never done. Especially when said site is handed over to a client that will constantly be adding content. There is an invaluable tool that can alleviate a slew of future headaches that may take some considerable time and effort initially but will repay the designer tenfold in the long run. Of course, since you likely read the title, we are speaking of a Style Guide.
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  • Feb 24 2014

    Typography & The Web: Brief Guidelines For Type on The Web

    BY: Whitney Gainer
    Ever come across a site that has a different font for every type of information? It’s a little disconcerting, and will more than likely turn potential users away, typically because the site is hard to read and navigate quickly. It’s sites like this that prove typography is taken for granted when used on the web.
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