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  • Dec 30 2013

    One Event and One Second Changes Everything

    BY: Ed Martin
    On November 30, 2013 I watched the Auburn game. Alabama had to win for it to be their game. The game ended on a spectacular 57-yard missed field goal attempt landing in the arms of Chris Davis of Auburn standing 9 yards deep in the end zone.
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  • Dec 16 2013

    Fun with Visual Studio Achievements

    BY: Jamie Kiefner
    The lions-share of employees here at Mercury New Media are software developers, or are at heart anyway, and as such embrace our “inner geek” on a daily basis. We are all gamers of one type or another so the notion of game Achievements is second nature.
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  • Dec 02 2013

    The Importance of Content Strategy, A User Experience Perspective

    BY: Brian Renew
    Content Strategy is to User Experience as Gravy is to Mashed Potatoes. Sure, I can eat my potatoes without gravy, but the experience for my taste buds is so much better with that delicious sauce and the cool little puddle the spoon leaves on top!
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  • Nov 01 2013

    First Impressions

    BY: Ed Martin
    Think about the last time you met a friend’s family. Was it a welcoming hug or a pleasant handshake? How about a greeting shouted through the house? Were you even invited into the home?
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  • Sep 27 2013

    Gearing up for Bar Camp 2013

    BY: Melissa Miller
    We have signed on as a co-sponsor of the 6th annual Bar/Code Camp Tampa Bay. Bar/Code Camp is the “un-conference” for geeks and non-geeks alike, organized on-the-fly by attendees, for attendees
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