• Apr 07 2016

    Customizing the Sitefinity Content Admin Part II: Deep Dive

    BY: AJ Kiefner
    In this post I’ll be going over the various advanced custom code and configurations you can apply to the Sitefinity content editor along with tips and tricks to wrangle the admin the way you need it so it can perform at the optimal level for your client.
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  • Mar 24 2016

    Deploying Sitefinity Using an Azure Website and SQL Azure Database

    BY: Danielle Ferguson
    Avoid some common pitfalls when deploying Telerik's Sitefinity to an Azure website and SQL Azure database.
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  • Mar 10 2016

    What Do You Mean, Big Data?

    BY: Matt Condor
    Big Data is an inescapable buzzword for anyone even remotely entrenched in the world of business or technology in 2016. Big Data as it exists today is a growing and emergent field. Technology is constantly being introduced to the world that either creates new data streams or a new way to make sense of the current data being produced. What, exactly, should we do with all this information? That is the central problem and proposed solution of Big Data; to capture, analyze, and make sense of the wealth of data at our disposal.
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