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For over 30 years, Solar Gard has been one of the most popular solar control window film (don’t call it tint!) brands in the world. Mercury New Media developed an industry-defining website that informs potential customers about Solar Gard window film, covers the globe and drives leads to Solar Gard staff and professional installers. The resulting solution provides broad and deep product coverage, interactive product selection, installer location aides and several innovative dealer recruitment and retention tools.

Web | Mobile | Data – the Solar Gard site has it all! Learn more about how Mercury brought this outstanding digital solution to life.

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The search results page displays found dealers distance, contact information, products offered, and a quick link to find directions.

Search Results

The global search results page also shows pertinent dealer information in a visitors native language.

Search Results

Find A Dealer

Mercury developed a powerful new search solution for Solar Gard.

The Find A Dealer feature Mercury developed for Solar Gard allows users to search for Solar Gard dealers in several countries across the globe and across five types of dealer services. Google geolocation are prime tools used to power Solar Gard’s Find A Dealer.

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Knowledge Base

Far more than a passive digital marketing piece, the Solar Gard website provides a rich set of knowledge, content sharing and functional capabilities enables the organization to spread their message and expertise with site visitors and dealers.

Mercury developed several key features utilizing HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and .NET custom development to not only make functions like these a reality but also to enable Solar Gard extensive management and content curation features.

Document Library

Solar Gard’s secure dealer section provides an extensive library of marketing and technical documents that are published and shared with dealers in real time. Digital collaboration is a thing of ease with Solar Gard’s document library.

Document Library

Photo Gallery

Seeing is believing when it comes to the impact window film can make. Solar Gard’s modern and striking photo galleries show off premier installations and outstanding examples of Solar Gard window film’s transformative impact.

Energy Savings

Mercury developed an interactive energy saving calculator that tailors a home owner’s potential energy savings and carbon footprint reduction for their specific home and selected window film.

Solar Sense

Window Film Details

To thoroughly cover product details, Solar Gard product pages utilize tabs to present technical performance results, warranty information and product literature.


  Solar Energy Visible Light    
T% A% R% T% Ext.
E Wtr
SC SHGC % UV Light Blocked Total Solar Energy Rejected
 Panorama Hilite 70 37 28 35 72 9 9 .77 1.00 .52 .45 >99 55
 Panorama Hilite 40 27 43 30 42 6 7 .75 .99 .46 .39 >99 61

Performance results were generated from testing 1/8” (3mm) thick clear glass and have been measured, calculated and reported in accordance with ASTM, ASHRAE and AIMCAL standards. Performance results are subject to variations within industry standards.


Solar Gard is a global leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of window films and has been one of the most trusted and popular window film lines worldwide for over 30 years. Our products feature superior quality and our warranties are some of the most comprehensive in the industry.

  • Limited Residential Warranty

Download the latest Solar Gard commercial window film marketing materials.

  • Solar Gard Commercial Window Film Brochure.pdf
  • Solar Gard Skin Protection Brochure.pdf

Bells & Whistles

The Solar Gard website is truly a premium experience with fine usability and refined touches throughout. In addition to being a global and multilingual website, extensive branding and usability touches are key amenities of the Solar Gard website.

The Solar Gard website is a font of extensive product information in a single place and is delivered with clean and modern design language with crisp modern web technology. Sitefinity’s content management system forms an underpinning to many of these features, providing Solar Gard with graceful and powerful management and reporting tools.

Responsibly Responsive

A global company needs global device support.

Solar Gard products are sold in more than 90 countries – which means visitors access the site across many different devices and connection types (not to mention speeds). A responsive design solution provides mobile and desktop browsing experience for every Solar Gard customer in a single website and a unified management and layout platform.


A site as broad and deep as the Solar Gard website cannot simply be ported to a smartphone form factor without completely reconsidered wayfinding and content presentation. Rather than utilizing the horizontal top navigation paradigm from the desktop layout, the Solar Gard website on smartphones presents a contained and expandable menu to provide easy touch navigation throughout the site.

In addition to crafting a navigation method for the site, each page and function was tuned to present nicely on a reduced smartphone footprint. As a special trick, try rotating the smartphone into landscape position – you’ll see the Solar Gard site take advantage of the broader real estate.


Navigation and content layout for tablets is a careful combination of desktop and smartphone techniques. While often having resolutions that approach desktop PCs, most tablet users interact websites with fingers and on-screen keyboards as opposed to a PC’s typical mouse and keyboard.

The Solar Gard website was tuned to take advantage of tablet sizes and resolutions (and there are many from phablet to full tablet) while enabling use of the tablet form factor. Reliance on mouse hovering for navigation is avoided while fat fingers and on-screen typing are fully considered.


Responsive design and layouts are not just for smartphones and tablets – the flexible Solar Gard website presents optimally for a variety of laptop and desktop PC sizes and resolutions. Whether an old school 17” CRT monitor or a low profile high definition flat screen, the Solar Gard website adjusts the layout of each page to fit the available space.

The Wrap-Up

A world class brand deserves a world class website.

Employing a combination of upfront planning, brand integration, professional content management system, crisp creative, inspired implementation and technical engineering Mercury and Solar Gard together constructed a world class website. As a firm that cultivates and updates their brand regularly, Solar Gard and Mercury have developed the latest iteration of their Internet presence which spans a collaborative history that dates back to their first website in 1998.

Solar Gard uses their website to inform, generate demand and unite customers and dealers across the globe. The site is used extensively by dealers in the field on smartphones and tablets to showcase products, explain potential installation techniques and obtain business documents.

Web | Mobile | Data – the Solar Gard site has it all!