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Wilsonart is the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of High Pressure Laminates and other engineered surfaces used in furniture, work space and professional applications. Mercury developed a Sitefinity-powered ecommerce website that elegantly presents over 600,000 product variations.

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Wilsonart Website Project
Wilsonart Laminate Samples


With such a large set of products and multiple collections to choose from, Mercury had a vast range of product summary, search and detail layouts to accommodate. Most product families worked well with a swatch-oriented layout but each family presented its own challenges for filtering against their unique characteristics. All the while, the Wilsonart site only presents products which are currently available for order.


You Can See AND You Can Touch

While Mercury can’t laminate your furniture from a browser, we did make it possible for Wilsonart customers to order product samples based on product availability. Site visitors can order multiple swatches of Wilsonart products, create an account and even save favorites for later visits.

  • Shopping Cart

    A traditional Shopping Cart enables site visitors to select products, place in a cart and proceed to checkout

  • My Account

    Site visitors can set up accounts for easy future login, especially handy for commercial customers who order frequently

  • Favorites

    This feature allows you to create a wishlist of products you are interested in


Choose items and add to the shopping cart.

Wilsonart Laminates

Review what's in the shopping cart before buying.

Wilsonart Shopping Cart

Online invoice of the order that was just completed.

Wilsonart Invoice


Choose to login, register, or continue anonymously.

Wilsonart Login

Login with this form to complete your order.

Wilsonart Login

Manage your account details.

Wilsonart My Account

Logged-in users can create a wishlist of products for later ordering

Wilsonart Wishlist


custom store locator

Mercury created the Find A Dealer feature for homeowners and other non-professionals that are interested in Wilsonart laminates for their homes and businesses. Zip code-based searching (along with HTML5 IP-based hinting) and Google Maps pindrops are keys to the elegant solution. In addition to the desktop thing, the Wilsonart website utilizes the smartphone's location sensors to pre-fill their current zip code for ease of use.

It Doesn’t Even Interrupt What You’re Doing

The Wilsonart Find A Dealer feature always opens in a floating modal window (not a new browser tab!) and takes in zip code and the type of dealer you are interested in. The input window and the results float over the page you are on so you can find a Wilsonart dealer without losing your spot!


Wilsonart Timeline

interactive timeline

With a company timeline dating back to the 1950s, Wilsonart has a rich and varied history that required some truly special treatment to condense without losing information. A timeline paradigm with paging by decade and expandable “years” was a key and modern path to usability.

Try it out
Wilsonart Timeline Wilsonart Timeline

product hero rotators

Imagine an image library spanning a portfolio of DVDs – that is what Wilsonart’s marketing department produced as source material for their new website. Rather than building a huge thing in one place, Wilsonart and Mercury staff devised an assortment of “hero” rotators throughout the site.

timeline & heros

The Wilsonart website isn't all products, ecommerce and dealer locators – rich presentation of content, imagery and company information is also a key part of wilsonart.com. Mercury’s key challenge: presenting Wilsonart’s rich stockpile of imagery and content without overwhelming visitors.

An interactive company timeline and dynamic "hero" image rotators are two key tools Mercury and Wilsonart used to present a large library of contextual product images and company history. Go ahead and take a look – you won’t break anything.



Making websites is not a manufacturing process – it is carried out by flesh-and-blood engineers and designers, very much by hand. When software is built by a true craftsman, more effort goes into getting rare cases exactly right than getting main pages and features working. Mercury craftsmen take pride in their work and strive to delight users. Take a look at how Mercury helped bring Wilsonart a longstanding digital and competitive advantage.

Wilsonart Menu Dropdown

easy to navigate

With over 600,000 product variations forming the prime content for the Wilsonart website content, providing a highly usable navigation scheme was a key goal from the outset. By implementing flyout and paneled navigation menus Mercury was able to bring a modern and speedy wayfinding mechanism.

Wilsonart Menu Dropdown
Wilsonart Informational Icons

little icons, a lot of information

Using icons to denote different features of each surface, visitors are able to quickly discern appropriate products.

Wilsonart Informational Icons Wilsonart Informational Icons